Ambient display

27 фев 2020
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  • Lagunya enak jernih di hp gahar gue yang poco m3

    Anak PocoAnak Poco10 дней назад
  • I want this in note 7 pro.

  • Is this available Redmi note 7 pro

    Pankaj SahuPankaj Sahu11 месяцев назад
  • Isn't working on Redmi 8

    Aamir TariqAamir Tariq11 месяцев назад
  • Why is it moving? It's ugly af i dont know what to do obout it can someone help?

    Prokop VaclProkop VaclГод назад
  • This feature doesn't work in REDMI NOTE 8 ? 🤔

    • It just works for k20/mi9t

      Amir Mohammad KhodadadiAmir Mohammad KhodadadiГод назад
  • 请更新Miui Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prada 因为我对miui 8感到无聊/please upgrade miui xiaomi redmi 4 prada Because i boring in miui 8

    NINOX2RNINOX2RГод назад
  • How to apply this future in note 7pro phone

    Muhammed Razal AkMuhammed Razal AkГод назад
  • Miui ❤

    ShisShisГод назад
  • I want this on my Redmi 6A...

    Nahpets Android GameplaysNahpets Android GameplaysГод назад
    • Sorry, Redmi 6A doesn't have AMOLED display

      Dávid SiegelDávid SiegelГод назад
  • 👍👍👍👍👍❤️🌷

    Ina CosteIna CosteГод назад
  • Not available Poco right??😊

    Just a Regular GuyJust a Regular GuyГод назад
  • not for redmi note series? I'm note 8 pro user

    Marimba💕IndiaMarimba💕IndiaГод назад
    • What the fuck man miui!! seriously!! man

      Marimba💕IndiaMarimba💕IndiaГод назад
    • fuck man.. they never said this thing before.. otherwise I never ever purchase RN8pro

      Marimba💕IndiaMarimba💕IndiaГод назад
    • Only on AMOLED. Redmi Note 8 Pro doesn't have AMOLED, sorry

      Dávid SiegelDávid SiegelГод назад
    • Same

      Rayan LangeRayan LangeГод назад
    • Same here

      kasif jackkasif jackГод назад
  • Why my phone don't have?

    LIL ICELIL ICEГод назад
    • @Rayan Lange only for AMOLED screens

      PartydoosPartydoosГод назад
    • my Redmi note 8 pro, also doesn't have it

      Rayan LangeRayan LangeГод назад
  • Only amoled display, i hope the next Gen Redmi And Redmi Note 9 will Get Amoled display and get ambient display🙏

    Sandi HermanaSandi HermanaГод назад
  • Great 👍👍👍🔥♥️😍

    الأمير ملكالأمير ملكГод назад